The Din of Dying Youth

by Voight-Kampff



released July 14, 2017

Recorded and mixed by Colin Swanson-White
Mastered by North London Bomb Factory
Released in North America by Deranged Records and in Europe by P. Trash Records



all rights reserved
Track Name: Victim of Desire
In a dream I was a child, safe and sweet
I had no notions yet of love or of defeat

I awoke to find the dream
was but pretend
it was my sleepy way
of getting on the mend

I was not pure within the womb
I was less so when I came out
now 31 years later
of all my sins there is no doubt

But perhaps there is a threshold left to cross
yes, I am hoping there's a point to all that's lost

I am a victim of desire
never satisfied
I am a victim of genetics
from my father's side
I've seen a portion of my dreams
become reality
but still a better portion
smothered right in front of me
when I was young I'd watch the sun
go down in summer's end
and I knew the day would surely come
when I could not pretend
Track Name: Never Well Again
With the life we're living in
we are never well again
there's not a trial or a cure that's still to save us
from all the simple comforts which we crave

I've been through the places
which you seem to know so well
none of them relieve this private hell

For we have outgrown all our kin
and we are drowning in the din
of dying youth, as the last grains trickle down the glass
it is no use, no you can never resurrect the past
Track Name: Sowing the Seeds of Hate
You've nearly reached the crest and yet the wave just dissipates
your body rapt and wrought by the decay which it creates
the cruelty of time erodes the traces of your youth
yet wisdom opens up to you a different kind of truth

Tomorrow isn't waiting for your presence to arrive
and yesterday is gone so in the present you must thrive
but wounds heal ever slower and some will never fade away
and others, still, have yet to surface to defile another day

You grow in confidence, depression seems to ebb and so
adulthood finds you in new light, an urge for seeds to sow
but yet consider what your tender years resigned you to
horrors you couldn't bear to put all of your offspring through
Track Name: I Believe in Love
I believe in love
it is the bridge which spans across my moat
and I believe in us
you are the truth within everything I wrote
and I believe its come
the shining light of god of which they speak
and I have now succumbed
not to the scripture but the mercy of the meek

The years were never kind
the buried filth within our minds
we do as brothers who
endured it all, as our sister knew

I believe in love
I do believe it is the savior of my soul
and I believe in us
you came to light and made me whole
and I believe its come
a turning tide which has opened up my eyes
and I have not succumbed
to all the bitterness, the jealousy and lies
Track Name: Bleach in the Sun
I tattooed "love" on my wrist cause I meant it
and "hate" on the other to prove it
I saw his violence and his manner defended
by every single authority present
now I'm a product of the world you created
where innocence is neglected and hated
you learn to live with the life you were born with
you go to sleep with the horrors you cant quit
this sickened world keeps revolving and so it
shall carry on in its damnable orbit
so hone your hate and attempt to control it
cause soon the brutes and the bastards shall know it

And who's to say
whose day will come
who'll pay the sum for all the victims
while your bones bleach in the sun?
Track Name: Hear a Pisces Drowning
I saw my life in memories like it was real
mom singing softly as I slept
protective promise never kept
I could not foresee a future that I could not believe
it left me fragile in ways that you could not conceive
I grew to hate, driven to violence
I grew to know that those who speak to you of "trust" don't know the word
betrayed in ways that left me leery of authority
it was only up to me

For those who claimed to "teach"
conveniently just out of reach
it was only up to me

So I have faltered, to be sure
I've strayed away from all that's pure
but I have learned that no one will be there to break your fall
you have yourself and that is all

I wouldn't ask for your forgiveness
I'm only asking to be heard
my story's there in every word
nowhere to turn, I learned
its only me, and never free
it is my story

Own up to all I've ever done under the sun
you'll find its not always been fun

And the gulf between me and the man you want to see is vast
I've left the worst parts in the past

I only ever wanted to be free
like as a boy when mother sang to me
but I've found it isn't meant to be

I've had my lovers, man and woman
some are dead and some are ruined
I was just searching for the key
unlocking someone's love for me