by Voight-Kampff



Released by:
Deranged Records/Rock Bottom Records in the US/Canada
P. Trash Records in Europe


released January 1, 2013

Design/Layout by Colin Swanson-White
Recorded by Matt Castore in St. Paul Minnesota 2012



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Track Name: The Great White North
Got a wallet full of nothing
and a fridge that looks the same
and now I've moved up to a town
in which nobody knows my name
I've left some things behind
which never would have stayed
got sick of cashing in on all the dues I've paid

Remember faces, names, and places
but it's comfort that I miss
things ceased to feel good in that city
there's nothing different about this

Got myself a good job now
a distraction from my thoughts
I wake up the same way each day
from a dream that haunts
I lay my head to sleep at night
with a bottle beside
so I can fall asleep to wonder
why in dreams I hide
Track Name: Paranoia Visions
Someone once said to me
"Live your life and let it be"
but it's slippin away

"Live your life and let it be"
someone once said to me
but it's slippin away

And I know it's such a waste of time
their world is cruel and hypnotized
your paranoia bred from lies
you see right through your open eyes
I know it's such a waste of time
Track Name: Nostalgia Garbage
I went to see my friends tonight
and the things they said were just so trite
I have grown old beyond my years
and nostalgia brings about old fears

Last night in the old town
last night with the old crowd
it's time to leave it all behind
it should feel bad but it doesn't
should make amends but I mustn't

I went to see my friends tonight
got drunk and started up a fight
I have grown old beyond my years
and the thought does not inspire tears

I've flipped through all the photographs
to rekindle some forgotten feeling
but I'll admit, my friends
that I felt nothing
and if yesterday was a better time I never knew it
and if tomorrow turns a new page I couldn't prove it

I went to see my friends tonight
nothing we shared felt remotely right
I have grown old beyond my years
and I will say goodbye, my dears
Track Name: Good to be Alive
Let's lay a distance
let's lay the lines down
the bombs are bursting and
nothing is fine now
there's something brewing in these hallways
there's nothing moving in these hallways

Further's always been too far
to manage for our heavy heads

Finale armageddon
in the heavens
what lives we've made
what beds we lay in
we've made our messes now we're prayin
(good god we're prayin?)

We could see a child
two for good measure
we could see a future waiting
waving in the distance

We could lay mistakes to rest
we're unforgiven, poorly written

Don't it feel good to be alive?
Who knows if any will survive
Track Name: The Hell of War
What more can I say?
it's my own fault it turned out this way
what's left to be said?
I've spent the last three years in your bed

And I don't wanna be here anymore
I've already returned from the war
I don't wanna be here
where my own bed inspires fear
I just wanna return to before

I tried to outrun my brain
went from the west to the east with no gain
there's no sleep without fear
awaiting dreams that return you right here
Track Name: Where No Flowers Grown
My streets are filled with violent tales
a man stomped in with face all torn up
a dead kitten on the sidewalk
where all the children on the block stalk
my streets are streets where violence prevails
the alleys where the kids shoot up
there's desolation in the streets I walk
don't hear the neighbors on their stoops talk
you see too much and your dreams are haunted
try it your way in the streets you're taunted
and I don't mean to be
walkin round this lonely block no more

Who do you turn to?
Where do you go?
Not into that cold cold night where no flowers grow
What do you want, kid?
What do you know?
Don't turn to that cold cold night where your blood will flow

Some men could stand for second-best
and some men won't care
some men could stand to be obsessed
and some men want air
ten men would speak the same
and three others won't
ten men would live in vain and yeah
three others won't

In bed I hear the shots ring out
across our raw polluted town
I've thought about it and I've got no doubts
that it's this city gettin me down
see the bloodstains on the sidewalk
and watch the roaches climb my walls
and over in the kitchen faucet's leakin waterfalls
Track Name: The Lafayettes
I know I ruled you like a tyrant does
the way you told me that your father was
I was so young, I know it's no excuse
but all of my life I'd only known abuse

And sippin Scotch and dancin in that mansion down the street
too drunk to get my chance was gone to sweep you off your feet

The Lafayettes, I know, did not approve
those wealthy liberals held sway with you
I realize their fears were justified
my infidelities too numerous to hide

You quit your job in haste in favor of
giving me head in parking lots, so full of love
then you moved on towards security
the purpose of your change not lost on you or me
just wish I'd had a chance to say to you
that I had always adored you through and through